Richmond Square Medical Centre Inc. has worked with Jeremy Ellis, president of Jellis LT. Services, and his company since 2014. It has been an ongoing pleasure to work with Jeremy as he has so much hardware knowledge of the computer industry plus an in-depth understanding of both the Wolf and Med Access platforms that Telus Health offers.

Jeremy started working with us as we made the transition from Telin’s EMR system to the Wolf EMR. This transition went well, and we worked on the “Wolf’ platform until early December of 2018 when we made the move to the Telus “MedAccess” platform. Jeremy was instrumental in that move and assisted us in hardware purchases that saved us a significant amount of money plus he advised us on how to make the transition easier for our staff and the transition team from Telus.

It has been in excess of six years that we have worked with Jeremy and we look forward to maintaining this successful relationship into the future.

Our Medical Group has a longstanding relationship with Jeremy Ellis and JellisIT IT services company from our founding in 2012. Jellis IT helped build and support all our IT infrastructure including Network backbone, firewall, Computers and all the associated hardware and our Phone systems. JellisIT helps support and plan our IT needs and let us focus on our core competency to provide quality healthcare to our patients. We have found JellisIT consultants to be competent and friendly and always mindful of our business hours and needs. We have high expectations from our Vendors and JellisIT has not failed us in competency and pricing.

It is always a pleasure to run ideas with Jeremy Ellis when embarking on a new IT initiative. I can always count on him to be helpful guide in what can be beyond competency of our businessI would recommend Jeremy Ellis and JellisIT without hesitation to any organization in Healthcare space or other businesses.

Great work needs an inspiring I.T. environment to thrive.

Jellis I.T. Offers 24/7 Tech Support From Senior & Professional Technicians

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