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Why should you choose JELLIS I.T.?

No matter the size of your business, startup or a multi figure Corporation, we all encounter struggles when it comes to technology. In the IT world the cost of a click can be more than a just financial one. Imagine losing a year of accounting data, countless hours of marketing materials, or worse yet irreplaceable memories.

JELLIS I.T. is an established company with senior experienced industry professionals, the assurance your business needs moving forward in our new ever changing world. On line security threats and data theft or breach are becoming ever more predominant and unfortunately the perpetrators increasingly more savvy. Our technicians our experts in disaster recovery (fire and flood evacuations), virus protection (name some here) and maintain industry standard privacy. We service all market sectors, from government to medical offices to financial institutions and maintain all required privacy credentials for each.

Government, Banks, accounting, legal, Medical including pharmacy, dental, medical clinics and diagnostic imaging. Hardware development companies.

The success of your business is contingent on time management. It would be awfully wasteful to have an MD on hold with a service provider instead of in a clinic room with a patient, would it not? A service agreement with JELLIS keeps your team focused and specialized on what keeps your business profitable and efficient, while we keep our technical specialists focused on solving your problem.

At JELLIS I.T. our corporate directive is simple: Providing our client impeccable customer service, and keeping your business profitable. Keeping you focused on your specialty while we focus on ours. With over 25 years experience we know what is necessary for your business to operate cost effectively. What makes us different? We never charge our clients additional fees or services that aren’t required. We are here for YOU. Your success (in our humble opinion) is a direct reflection of ours.

Experience Matters.

With over 25 years experience building network systems we are experts in governing compliance procedures, maintaining & repairing issues with software/hardware, integrations & more.

What our customer say about us

It is always a pleasure to run ideas with Jeremy Ellis when embarking on a new IT initiative. I can always count on him to be helpful guide in what can be beyond competency of our businessI would recommend Jeremy Ellis and JellisIT without hesitation to any organization in Healthcare space or other businesses.

Jeremy was instrumental in that move and assisted us in hardware purchases that saved us a significant amount of money plus he advised us on how to make the transition easier for our staff and the transition team from Telus.

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