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Jellis IT Service's
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Software System Install
& Operating Systems Integration

Hardware Replacement
& Install

Secure Network
Connection Monitoring

Business Productivity Services

Remote Monitoring
& Administering Servers

Connectivity & Diagnostics

Disaster Recovery Services

Phones ~ Fax systems ~ Printers Setup & Repair

Secure Video
Conferencing Solutions

Jellis I.T. Support Service's

Single Service Requests

Repair & Fixing I.T. issues on an as needed basis.

The provider charges an hourly rate for their services.

Repair & Fix IT services are a great fit for companies with minimal IT requirments and don’t have multitude of supports need.

Managed IT Services

Fully managed IT service is a great option for a lot of companies, as it includes most of the services you need. Billed monthly with a contract or service agreement in place. General contract terms such as canceltion policy, terms of payment & the liabilities the I.T. contractor is accountable to the customer for.

Supports include consulting, remote monitoring, help desk support, data management/maintaince/security, software and hardwear install & supports.

Jellis I.T. Services will sign an IMA (Information Management Agreement) meeting audit control requirments accross multiple industries. Examples such as medical, educational, goverment and any data compliance industries.

Project Based IT Services

Project based IT services provid a specific goal and outcome to meet the need of the busniess.

For example, if you need to upgrade your company’s hardware or software, you can hire an IT support provider to manage the project for you.

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Hardware & Integration Support

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I.T. Services

How much will hiring an I.T. company cost me?

Entry Level I.T. Consultant 0-2 Years experince $50 to $100 an hour.
Rates commensurate with the limited experience & skills.
*A great choice for a busniesses looking for budget friendly option.

Advanced I.T. Consultant 2-5 Years experince $100 to $180 an hour.
This rate reflects a deeper level of industry knowledge & experience.
*This option is more disirable for complex needs and I.T. issues.

Expert I.T. Consultant 6+ Years experince $150 to $500 an hour.
This rate reflects extensive knowledge, skills & experince.
*Solving complex problems & providing high level advise with higher demanding projects.

Hourly Rates are subject to consultant's specific skills, expertise & geographical location.

I.T. rates in Canada & USA 2024

Monthly Managed I.T Rates start from $150 & Up monthly. Managed I.T. rates are calculated based on the dynamics of the busniess. Per User, per device or per work station, including Network infrastructure.

Hourly rates range from $125 up to $500. Depending on the level of seniority and/or technical specialties of the individual or company.

Canada I.T. Salary Average in 2024

Entry Level I.T. Employee Average Base I.T. Salary is $57,000.
Experienced Level I.T. Employee Average Base Salary is $129,000

Site Users Note
Jellis IT Services is providing general I.T. service rate information, accessable to all site users online.
It is the users responsibility to inquire further for more clairification on I.T. industry standard rates.
Jellis IT is not responsible, liable or accountable for industry rate changes & rates of other companies or provieders due to multiple levels of I.T. experenice ranges.